World Cup stage «Memorial A. Kharlampiev» 2012

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The World Cup stage “Memorial Anatoly Kharlampiev” was held in Moscow on March 25-26.  This international tournament is considered one of the most prestigious. All the world’s strongest athletes have been a part of this competition throughout the years.  

This year marked the anniversary of the 33rd  event. In 1982 the tournament gained its international status and became the world cup for most of the athletes around the world. One year later the competition was awarded the category "A”. It means the winner is awarded the title of "Master of sports of international class", subjecting to other regulations.

260 athletes from 19 countries attended the Super Bowl World "Memorial Kharlampiev" this year. The competition was held over 22 weight categories: 18 categories of sport sambo (nine men and women) and four - in Combat Sambo.

Contrary to tradition, the cup is not remembered by the audience composition of the Russian stars. Many athletes from Russia did not compete as they did not have time to recover from the Russian championship. Nevertheless, 62 medals are in the bank for team Russia.

The international lineup of winners included inpiduals from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and the USA. Decoration of the final class was a clash for contestants over 80 kg, where Russia’s very own 11-time champion Irina Rodina  met the athlete from the United States of America, Nina Cuntro-Kelly.  Rodina again blasted her way to a gold medal finish.

Anatoly Harlampiev was a researcher of national struggle of the peoples of the Soviet Union, one of the founders of Sambo. Earlier in the tournament "Memorial Kharlampiev" emphasis was placed on the countries of Soviet space, but now the organizers are interested in attracting a much larger number of foreign countries.

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